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Best Coffee by La Mode Cafe

La Mode Cafe is an organic cafe Dubai established business brand under the Al Hokair Group that is derived from the extensive long term experience of its founders in the cafe franchise operation worldwide.

Franchise Operators will benefit from a highly experienced professional team that makes up La Mode Cafe, with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing cafe restaurant operation and provide them with single channel of management, communication and operational support.

Best Coffee by La Mode Cafe

The management of La Mode Cafe believes in maintaining high level of transparency and integrity with its franchise partners and suppliers. The business model is established on the basis of honest commercial conduct.We are the organic cafe Dubai which provides best coffee at very affordable rates.

We carry out our operation to deliver best coffee with the highest level of ethics and morality, adopting a strict code of conduct in keeping with those of the hospitality profession. 

We conduct businesses with a strong emphasis on team work between all stakeholders; Franchise Operators, Business Owners, our appointed Principle Suppliers, our Network Channel partners and employees of La Mode Cafe.

To provide you the delicious best coffee and ensure healthy and sustainable growth of sales of our Franchise partners, La Mode Restaurant will endeavor to market pour associated products in the most effective manner through aggressive marketing plans designed by the marketing team of La Mode Cafe.

La Mode Restaurant
Being or in accordance with the current style or fashion: chic, dashing, fashionable, mod, modish, posh, smart, stylish, swank, swanky, and trig.

Informal: classy, in, sharp, swish, tony, and trendy.

In the U.S., pie a la mode appeared sometime in the 1920’s and refers to pie (usually Apple Pie) served with a scoop of ice cream (Vanilla) on the top.

Folk saying: “Apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze.”
In Countless surveys, Apple pie has been chosen the favorite dessert in the United States. Apple pie has also been favorite in England for hundreds of years.  

In rural homes in the 19th century, apple and other fruit pie was often a common item served for breakfast , considered a good hearty beginning for a hard day’s work. The state of Vermont adopted apple pie as the official state pie in 1999.

La Mode Cafe also provides the Coffee franchise,Restaurant Franchise and coffee shop franchise. La Mode Cafe is the leading coffee shop in Dubai which provides you the finest coffee among all cafes in Dubai.

To know more about La Mode Cafe.Please write to us at info@lamodecafe.com  

La Mode Restaurant is best Organic Cafe Dubai

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